ViDEOGRUPPE sees itself predominantly as a focal point of networks of media artists and installation artists, whose primary goal is not profit.

Project-orientated and internationally aimed cooperation with regional and national groups is the base for our growth. Through this we are able to realise projects of all sorts in terms of quality and size, commercially viable projects as well as off-productions. Due to cultural/political changes this network becomes absolutely essential for all artists who stand up against the comercialisation of the Arts.
That is why we also understand the further development of this network as a political mission in the fight for a free culture.

As a part of this network ViDEOGRUPPE consists of media artists, who work full-time in media production, mainly focusing on motion pictures.

We support external projects as well as create our own. We work in media production and installation art, pre- as well as post-production, and as technicans on stage as well as artists.

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